Sunday Worship: Christ receiveth sinful men

1. Sinners Jesus will receive: Sound this word of grace to all Who the heav’nly pathway leave, All who linger, all who fall. Refrain: Sing it o’er (Sing it o’er again) and o’er again:(Sing it o’er again:) Christ receiveth (Christ receiveth sinful men) sinful men. (Christ receiveth sinful men) Make the message (Make the message … Read more Sunday Worship: Christ receiveth sinful men

There is a name

We are not without help or power in this world. As children of God, we have crossed over to the other side. It’s a side that’s not popular with the world, and so it opposes it. And sometimes, this opposition comes in epic measures and proportions. Dear Christian, when you’re reading your Bible right, you … Read more There is a name