Chance, Time, and the security we seek

It wasn’t by chance, this path I’m on; I chose it–


No, it doesn’t always make it easy to explain, and sometimes it seems like it’s not that easy to see.


As far as reason and acceptable standards go, this path I’m on is not the popular one.

But faith called, and touched by Truth, I absolutely would  have it no other way!


What can you do, when Truth burns like fire in your bones!?!

So I answered faith’s call, counted the cost and now I carry my cross daily.

I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I know whom I have believed….

And this path shines more and more unto the perfect day because God is here.

God is here–

This is all the security I need.

This is all the security you need.

So I beg you, travel with us. Answer faith’s call, and carry your own cross.

He who has called us is faithful, and home is not that far away when Truth is your compass.

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6 thoughts on “Chance, Time, and the security we seek”

  1. Hi Five Minute Friday neighbour! I enjoyed reading your post based on the weekly prompt, intentional. I agree, while many may not understand our intentions or the path we are walking, the bright security and truth it offers makes it so worthwhile.