Children of Abraham

Through Jesus Christ, the family of God has been made open and everyone is invited to be part of this blessed family.

All who accept this invitation can lay claims to the inheritance of the family.

This is favour beyond what we could ever deserve. This is a gift we should show appreciation for, by being responsible with the choices we make.

All who accept the invitation become children of Abraham, and partake of the blessings of this man of faith.

Faith without works has always been dead!

Consider a part of Abraham’s journey:

He was from a wealthy family, doing well, and in the midst of friends and family.

But when God told him to leave everything behind and journey to a place he would show him, Abraham obeyed.

He journeyed, looking for a city whose builder is God.

(Not a very easy thing to do, when you think about it).

But God had a plan.

Then there’s also his willingness to sacrifice Isaac, his only son – the child
of promise – the child he bagat in his old age.

God has promised, and Abraham had waited all those years before he saw Isaac.

But when God told him to offer the child as a sacrifice, Abraham was willing to do so.

(This too could not have been very easy to do, when you think about it).

But God had a plan.

And this is the family we’ve been called into – a family of faith, sacrifices and obedience.

Even Jesus was obedient unto the death on the cross.

He did not have to leave the glory of Heaven to come to earth and die on the cross for us, but He chose to save us.

(This I’d say, was not that easy to do too).

But God had a plan.

We do have the choice to be obedient and do everything God tells us to do. We must remember our family, our legacy and our heritage.

We are children of Abraham.

We are children of God.

God has a plan.

We do not live only for ourselves.

God is working His divine plan in us, and through us. This is the story of our lives as children of Abraham.

And we must remember that this is favour and mercy beyond words could ever say.

May we be ever grateful for this blessing that we have received.

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10 thoughts on “Children of Abraham”

  1. Amen! Obedience has so many benefits! Thanks so much for challenging me to look at the long game as I go about my earthly duties today, Boma! Blessings!

    • Amen! Looking at the long game; I’d try to keep that in mind! Thanks for visiting, Liz. Blessings to you.

  2. Thank you for this encouragement to walk in obedience and faith as Abraham!

    I love this line in your post, “God is working His divine plan in us, and through us.” He is weaving a beautiful tapestry together in our lives. Sometimes the individual threads to seem like much, but when God weaves them together, it becomes a masterpiece!

    Blessings, Misty

    • So true, Misty. And we must let Him work out His masterpiece. Thanks for visiting. Blessings to you.

  3. Thank you Boma. To be a part of God’s family is the greatest blessing. To be called to live a life of faith, sacrifice and obedience to The One who loves us and has done so much for us is an honor. May God bless you.

    • Blessings to you too Maria. May God continually help us be faithful to do our part. Thanks for visiting.