Dear momma, the problem is not with your head

It really is not –

In spite of that one time you spent at least five minutes looking for your tot, only to find out (after five whole minutes) that you were holding her the whole time.

And then there was that other time you put your phone in the fridge, and went to work with tomato sauce.

In spite of all this, please know that there is nothing wrong with your head.

And you best discard that lie that you must be getting old in your youth (That’s not even a thing).

Plus, babies do not make you old – if anything, they keep you young, what with all the running around, trying to keep up with them, and doing your best to see they don’t kill themselves.

Exhausting – yes.

Demanding – yes.

And you know how inadequate this whole momma business can make you feel.

And therein lies the problem.

You are not inadequate –

In spite of the house that could be cleaner than it usually is.

Or the mountain of dirty clothes that just plain stays put after all that commanding you’ve been commanding it to move.

You are not inadequate dear momma, in spite of the times you lost your temper and your patience with your littles.

The snide remarks and condescending comments lousily camouflaged as well meaning advice from well wishers do not make you inadequate, still.

The problem is not with your head, it’s with the perspectives you’re seeing from.

You know how the older ladies are always right? Especially the ones from Church! You should listen to them.

As hard as it can get to believe, it’s really true that this season you’re in right now, would not last forever.

Yes, your babies would be grown and on their own before you know it.

And then what would be left from this season would be the memories made.

Would you rather have a spotless house, or the memory of watching the creativity of your babies blossom before your very eyes?

(As long as you or your visitors are not slipping and breaking your backs or loosing teeth from tools and creations sprawled dangerously in your way, I’d say this choice is an easy one to make!)

So keep this in mind momma bear as you go about this mommying business –

This season would be gone before you know it, so make it last as long as you can, and make it count – because in this season, in this place, right now, you have the opportunity to mould a life (maybe two, or even more), and to set it on the course that it should go.
Do not waste this opportunity, and do not forget that help is available to you – and plenty!

Because –

Would God give you children, and not give you all the help you need to be successful with them?

If you have to, gain new perspectives – but just plain quit wondering what the problem is with your head.

You are adequate and more than enough for your children (and for all your hands find to do) because your sufficiency is of the Almighty God – the One with Whom all things are possible.

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8 thoughts on “Dear momma, the problem is not with your head”

  1. What a great post — and I’m so glad to find your writing home. Thanks for the reassurance that my scatter brained ways do not diminish by one iota God’s loving plans for me.

    • It is truly a blessing to be rooted in Christ. Now we can live, unafraid of tomorrow because of God’s loving plans for us— plans that would not be diminished even by our own ways.

  2. Amen! As an empty-nester, I can assure you the seasons will be gone before you know it and you’ll miss the noise, the chaos and everything else that goes along with a home full of children! I do!

  3. Hi Boma,
    Such a great post! Sometimes it does feel like the problem is with my head! lol! Parenting is such a gift – the most challenging gift ever, yet the most beautiful ♥ Thank you so much for joining me at #MomentsofHope to share a little more hope with the world!
    Blessings and smiles,