Everything’s just fine

The Lord is my shepherd.

More than anything else (the doubts, fears and uncertainties that could assail a person on this journey of life and living), this is an assurance that everything’s just fine. And I’d be ok.

I’m ok.

The Lord is my shepherd –

He takes care of me.
I’m earmarked by, and for Him.
He leads me in the paths of righteousness.
He helps me when no one else would (or can) because I belong to Him.
He restores me.
And heals me.
He blesses me abundantly with goodness and mercy.

How can I not be ok?
The Lord is my shepherd –

Therefore would I walk confidently in the paths that He leads me.
And I would fear no evil.

Ok, so I may not always understand the paths He leads me in;

I may not always feel up for the journey;

And yes, there’s been more than a few days when I’ve been cast down, and lost my way (a little bit!)

But see how He’s always there to find me and lift me up again (and over again…)

I know that He is with me.

See how He leads me (There’s the rod, and there’s the staff too!)

The Lord is my shepherd, and He indeed, is all I want! – because then all I’ll have would be more than I need.

The Lord is my shepherd. He’s more than enough for me.

And everything’s just fine.

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