Family like I know it

We may not always approve of everything everyone does, but we’re still family.

There are days when it’s hard to agree on anything –

Like, do we want toast or pancakes for breakfast?

Or did the chicken come from the egg, or the egg from the chicken?

But we’re still family.

Some days, we can’t even stand each other –

But we still hold each other down, and you know who has your back when it comes down to really –

Because we’re still family.

Sometimes I wonder about the meaning of family, and what God has in mind about His Church.

What does it mean to be one?

And brethren with the Son of God;

And joint heirs together with Christ?

What does it mean to be family?

The way I know it, we may not always agree with each other,

But we stick with each other,

Support each other,

Encourage each other,

And just plain carry on!

So let those days come when it’s hard to agree on anything.

And those other days when we can’t stand each other.

It’s all still good.

And we’d be ok;

Because we’re still after all, family.

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