Fear would make you forget what you already know

I’m thinking of Jesus and His disciples.

Jesus had just fed a crowd with five loaves of bread and two fishes.

It was a miracle and the disciples had front row seats. In fact, after praying, Jesus had given the bread to them to distribute to the people. And the disciples had gathered twelve baskets full of remnant.

What could have been on the disciples minds, what could they have been talking about, as they obeyed Jesus and went before Him to the other side afterwards?

Imagine the excitement and wonder as each disciple shared his perspective on what had just happened!

But then contrary winds came, as they do sometimes — much like valley experiences immediately following mountaintop ones.

Their ship, now in the midst of the sea, was tossed with waves.

They didn’t even have a full day to experience the excitement and wonder!

What do you do when contrary waves come?

Do you remember that you set out on this journey in the first place because Jesus told you to do so?

Do you look for Jesus, knowing you can trust Him to show up in places where you cannot?

Or do you busy yourself with trying to steady the ship in your own might, so much so that when Jesus shows up, you are so taken by fear that you do not recognize Him?

The disciples did not recognize Jesus, their Master—

The same Jesus they had been with this whole time.

The same Jesus they had left all to follow.

The same Jesus that had given them five loaves of bread and two fishes to distribute to five thousand men, not counting women and children.

The same Jesus that had rebuked the wind and a tempestuous sea when they thought they would perish, and there was great calm.

The same Jesus that had called them to follow Him.

This same Jesus was walking towards them on the troubled sea, but they could not recognize Him.

They could not see that salvation was near because they were afraid.

Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you, that God would meet you at the point of every need?

Is there anything too hard for Him to do?

See beyond your fear.

Better still, choose faith over fear — because you can only have one or the other.

Faith or Fear?

Will you cry out in faith or for fear?

Heaven is listening—

Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the LORD, as ye have spoken in Mine ears, so will I do to you. (Numbers 14:28)


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