The sovereign God hears you


And then listen.

When you pray to God, you’re not throwing words around, hoping someone or something would catch them and do something with those words.

When you pray to God, you’re talking to the Maker of heaven and earth, the one who made you.

He knows you more than you could ever know yourself.

He knows the limits of your patience and endurance.

He knows our frame, that we are dust.


And then listen.

Because God hears you.

He catches every word.

He hears every prayer, including the ones you cannot fully express — for we do not even know what to pray for as we ought.

God hears you.

So pray.


And expect Him to show up — because He will.

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4 thoughts on “The sovereign God hears you”

  1. Pray and then listen. So simple and yet how often we can rush off from our prayers. But if we wait patiently, God will show up. He will speak. He will lead. He will encourage. He will bless us with His Presence. Blessings!


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