I need to tell you this

I may have taken this whole situation for granted, and held back from you,  Truth that’s both able to save you and enable you know the meaning of good success.

I do not believe it’s an oversight on my part – this not-telling. It is more the result of a posture that’s too easy to slide into when we make assumptions not based on Truth.

When I think about it, I suspect I have not only taken the situation for granted, but you also.

There is no easy way to say this,  but if I find Truth,  and refuse to share my discovery with you, how can I continue to consider myself your friend?

Let me try to make this right; let me tell you about the Truth I’ve found.

I would be brief and straight to the point. I would not try to defend Truth – because really, who can?!

With regards to this discovery, this is all I know, and this is the Truth:

I was thirsty. I drank of the Living water. I no longer thirst, and out of my belly flows rivers of living water.

(Try to believe me, you want this same flowing!)

Would you quench your thirst too? Would you find true satisfaction and purpose?

Jesus Christ is the only way to the wholeness and fulfilment the human soul desires.

Do not wait another day –

Run to Jesus. Run to life.

Consider this Truth, dear friend:

You need Jesus. We all do.

And isn’t it such a blessing that He’s never that far away?

It’s simple really, and truly like we’ve been told –

And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me with all your heart – Jeremiah 29:13.

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