If you’re having one of those days…

You know the ones —

Those days when all your good intentions and efforts despite, things keep going the other way.

Give yourself grace.


And just keep doing the next right thing in front of you (at least do your honest best!).

Remember that adversity does not necessarily mean that you are doing something wrong.

It doesn’t mean that God is angry with you. Also, He has not abandoned you.

Scripture is full of stories of people who faced severe adversities even though they were on the right path.

Think of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Naomi, Ruth, the Apostles, the early Church….

Sometimes, the heat is turned up because all our effort to do right is actually making a difference and counts for something in the kingdom.

God would never abandon you.

And the opinions of people is just that — opinions! — not the truth. And not even always your reality (usually!). As long as you have a clear conscience and peace with God, don’t let the opinions of people be part of the challenges you have to deal with (because really, it’s their problem, not yours).

God is always with you — even on days when nothing makes sense.

You may have done some things wrong, but there’s also plenty you’ve done right too.

So don’t withhold grace from yourself, keep breathing, and don’t stop doing what’s right.

Because —

We can always count on God, and we have His Word that He’s bringing us into a future that’s beyond anything we could ever ask for or think of!


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20 thoughts on “If you’re having one of those days…”

  1. Thanks for the reminder that just because we are having adversity, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re doing something wrong. Because, of course, that is always my first thought!

    Loved your words: “We can always count on God, and we have His Word that He’s bringing us into a future that’s beyond anything we could ever ask for or think of!” Truth!

  2. I have had lots of those days, I never exactly thought of them as a fiery furnace, but looking back at some, yes, but He was there, and in the lion’s den too. Just like Psalm 139, He’s always there.

  3. Oh this is good, rich, food for overwhelmed souls, Boma. He whispers peace, He helps us discern the next right step, He covers us with love.

    What more could we need …

  4. Yes! I agree, sometimes things turn hard because we ARE doing something for the Kingdom. Love this line, “God is always with you — even on days when nothing makes sense.” Amen!

    Your neighbor this week at #teaandtheword

  5. Very encouraging words in this post. I know that I had one of those moments last week that made me think “Am I doing something wrong” and lovingly the Holy Spirit said that what was going on was the spirit of discouragement and that I only needed to take back that ground by doing some intentional things in order to squash discouragement. Thanks for posting what so many need!!