It only took a small, almost invisible thing

An entire world stopped in its tracks….

Who would have imagined this?—

A while ago, maybe, before the present advancements in almost every field of knowledge—

Almost, because after this whole time, this world still would not believe truth.

They think they know.

Their faith is in what the human mind can do.

They have built lives on the foundation of this faith and they teach children to do this same thing—

You can be and do whatever you want as long as you believe you can.

But this foundation that they have chosen to build on is sinking sand.

Because only faith in God can withstand the rain that would descend, the floods that would come, and the winds that would blow.


What is man? — Grass, and all the goodliness, as the flower of the field.

And what are the nations? — A drop of a bucket. The small dust of the balance. Nothing, and less than nothing. Vanity.

Yet, this world still believes in its own goodness.

After this whole time.

Do people even learn from history?

These are strange times indeed….

An entire world stopped in its tracks.

Who would have imagined this?

But at least, it has brought about some admission of the truth—

Entire nations have been severely affected by a small, almost invisible thing.

And human knowledge, with all its advancements, could only go so far.

We were warned; these times should not have taken this world by surprise—

But having faith only in the goodness and glory of humankind can distort the vision of a person to almost the point of being unable to see.

Because, how else could an entire world not have seen and known this, after nearly six thousand years?—

All are vanity; their works are nothing.

The records are there….

And let he who has an ear hear—

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand forever.

This is the only hope for humankind.

But would they believe?



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20 thoughts on “It only took a small, almost invisible thing”

  1. Great post! I was talking with someone last night about how now as a Christian I see the world and wonder how in the world could someone never believe in God? But then I remember for half of my life I didn’t, how blind we are without the grace of God! My prayer for this time in the world is an awakening, that God is bringing people unto Him!

  2. Your thoughtful words reminded me of the old hymn, friend –
    ‘On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.’

    If ever the sand around us was shifting, sinking, blowing away, it’d be right about now. I’m grateful He remain strong and solid. He is our sure foundation!

  3. So very true! It’s easy to worship science because it seems orderly and manageable. But a real god can’t be managed. The real God requires our obedience, love, and sacrifice (not on the alter kind 😉 , rather the for each other kind).

  4. It is amazing that something so small could stop the world in its tracks. That’s one of my hopes–that people will realize how little control we actually have in life and turn to Him.

  5. Boma, it’s true. The world’s knowledge is sinking sand. This almost invisible virus has rocked the world as we know it. Thank goodness we are loved by a heavenly Father who sees beyond this moment, this season in our collective history, and He’s still working, revealing Himself to those who will seek Him. He’s still loving His creation. thank goodness we are not limited by the world’s knowledge.

  6. So well said and a needed message right now. Love this line: “But having faith only in the goodness and glory of humankind can distort the vision of a person to almost the point of being unable to see.”

    Lord, help us trust only in Your goodness and glory.


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