It’s not what you’re called 

It’s what you answer to.

You know how it’s usually not a very fruitful venture (or even a very good idea) to try and tell people what or how to think.

It is especially futile to try and tell people what or how to think about you.

All this to say:

People would always be people.

So why would you let that get in the way of what God has already purposed for you?

It’s the Lord’s report we’re supposed to believe.

We are everything He says we are.
So don’t sweat it (at least not that much!) when people call you what you’re not.

Because it’s really not that much about what you’re called, as it is about what you answer to.

And you are blessed.

And favoured.

And healed.

The head.

And not the tail.

A child of the Almighty God.

And everything God says you are.

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