Live purposefully

How can anyone live, indifferent to life itself?

You only have to look around to see. It’s as though people try too hard to live, they forget to actually live.

Could life have been intended to be experienced like this? – With so much apathy, and trying to get by?

Methinks not!

We’ve been told (and it’s true) that we are what we think – we, and our experience of living. As much as life is as hard as we think it is, it’s also as easy as we think it is.

Too many go through life without knowing the abundance that could come from refusing that indifference that so easily besets us!

In truth, living really does get in the way of the experience and we do have to find a way to get by, still, life could not have been intended to be experienced like this – at least not perpetually!

So how do we keep coming to this place of apathy, boredom, and entrapment? Why do we keep trying too hard to live that we forget to actually live?

Sometimes I think that to know how to live, we first have to know what life is, otherwise, all our efforts would be in those spheres of futility and vainness; like, how can we find our way if we don’t know where we’re going?

How can we know where we’re going?

The answers cannot be that out of reach (and they’re not) when we’re looking in the right places.

We were made to live, and we have a duty to fulfil that purpose. As custodians of this gift, we would do well to never ever forget that we would be held accountable for how we used it.

To be indifferent about life would be to be critically short changed, and to possibly never find your way.

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