Living without money

One day, we would be unable to use money.

We would be unable to buy and sell because we are Christians and our loyalty is to the sovereign God, the only God.

Are we ready for those days?

Is the Church ready?

What plans have we put in place to live through those days?

Do we even know that those days are coming?

We have been warned that those days would not be easy.

They would be the final days before Jesus returns for us so it’s not surprising that the enemy would put up a fierce fight to try and stop as many as he can from going with Jesus.

Looking at the Church today, we can all see that we need to do better.

We have to do better.

We have not been called to a life of theatrics and living in wanton pleasure.

Jesus did not die for us to put up and maintain appearances.

These are the last days and we cannot live, ignorant of the schemes and devices of the enemy.

Look at the world today and tell me you do not see that these are strange times.

White is called black.

Evil is advocated for.

Shameful things done in secret before now and applauded now and those who do these things are called brave.

And this world is not better off for the perverseness that it has chosen and aligned itself with.

Can we, as Christians say that we are surprised by this turn of events?

If we’re reading the Bible, our answer would be a united, resounding no.

Pity then those coming behind us who have to deal with the confusion precipitated by the inability of the Church to clearly articulate its stand and defend it, in spite of the cost.

What cost could ever compare to the life of God paying the price to salvage us from eternal death?

This is not a death that brings an end to what is. This is an existence defined by everlasting pain, agony, and suffering — where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

No sir, I am not afraid, or even sorry, to offend you now if he saves you from that death — or at least informs you of it.

We do not have forever to make the choices we need to make.

Life is not one big party — there are consequent results for what we choose.

Do the ones coming behind us know this?

Do the children know this?

Or have we made this place a place of survival where everyone just chases the bag?

To what end?

When we’re putting things in perspective, we would see that the life span on earth is insignificant compared to eternity — and what we do here, in this short time, determines the outcome of eternity for us.

Are we ready?

Are we ready for what is to come?

Examine yourself and ponder this question, are you ready?

There is still time to make amends if you find you’ve fallen short.

Turn to God, repent from your unrighteous ways and seek Him with all sincerity.

And let us pray for the Church that she understands the times and gets her house in order, in preparation for the days that are coming — at least, let us do this for the children, so that they know what to expect.

God will help us if we let Him.

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4 thoughts on “Living without money”

  1. Thank you for the reminder to keep our eyes on Jesus and what’s eternal. We have a mission and a purpose before our Lord comes back and this world is so fleeting.

  2. Thank you Boma for this very thought provoking post. So true, we really need an eternal perspective while we move through our days here on earth because this is not our home. Thank you for digging deep into this sweet sister … 🙏🥰💕


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