Older brother’s song

What about me?

It was the only thing I wanted to know;

What about me?—

Do all these years of faithful service count for nothing?

Do they mean nothing?

Had my brother been wise to take off, squander father’s living, and then return to grandiose reception (all without the slightest hint of reprimand)?

What about me?—

And all this time with the flock, in and out of season,

I’ve been here;

Giving of myself,

Investing my life….

Has it all been for nothing?

And am I now required to join in this celebration that has so affected my faith in all I’d hoped would be the outcome of the path I’ve chosen?

“All these years, and not even a kid to make merry with my friends?” I told father when he came out to check on me after he’d heard of my reluctance to join the celebration.

All these years, and it somehow came to this.

What about me?


I learned that day that perspective determines approach.

What about me? —

I do not carry the scars my brother returned with.

I do not know firsthand, what it means to be reduced as low as he got before he came to himself.

I did not have to dig deep for dregs of courage to face father, the one who had been so grossly dishonoured.

I do not know what it means to return, begging to be made a servant in your Father’s house.

What about me? —

Father is not unrighteous to forget my work and labour of love.

I am ever with Him.

And all that He has belongs to me.

So what if we took out time to celebrate this brother who was dead, but now is alive;

Lost, but now is found?

It was meet that we did so.

And even I can join in the celebration too.

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