Rebecca gasped as broken glass sunk into her flesh. In her bid to hide before her captors, drawn by the sound coming from the bathroom, swarm the place like bees, she had been careless about the pieces of broken glass strewn all over the floor. The plan was already in progress. Freedom beckoned. And anything … Read more Freedom?

At some point, we’d need to have this conversation

What is ministry? I mean, how would you define it, personally?— Not like what you think it means, but what does the true definition of ministry mean to you? While we’re considering that, I should also throw in these other points…. What does ministry entail? And to who are we answerable when we’re doing ministry? … Read more At some point, we’d need to have this conversation

Twelve Years

It started on a day just like any other day. “There’s nothing to worry about”, she was told every time she tried to express her concern. “Even the law gives us extra days of grace”, they assured her, “These things happen sometimes”. Something’s not right. She just knew. Beyond the physical, she could feel it. … Read more Twelve Years