Promise me life (2)

This is the second part of Promise me life, a continuation of Rebecca’s story in Freedom?

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Some wounds take longer to heal, and some scars, we might have to carry for the rest of our lives. But like her mother always says, there could be purpose in pain. And the validity of this purpose is not dependent on whether or not the pain was by our own fault or shortcoming.

Rebecca wanted to believe her mother.

If there was purpose in this pain, it had to be by the grace of God because her faults were many.

How does a person just throw her life her way in spite of the many warnings and red flags that littered the path to her captivity?

Her mother had warned her — begged her even, but she had walked down that path willing.

Although she was now free from M and his brothers, a part of her was still stuck in that house that had sucked life from her for seven years. And the hatred that grew in her heart for the friend that had led her down this path did its bit to make it all the more harder to believe that much good could ever come out of this situation.

But she really was trying to believe…. It’s the only way to explain why she had agreed to be a mentor….

The kind man that had sped and parked his car between her and Wilson’s pointed gun had brought her to this place that day. It was a ministry run by women who understood the crux of the fears and worries of women like her.

Mostly, they shared their stories and encouraged those still hurting to do the same.

Who would have thought there was that much power in sharing our own stories of God’s mercy, grace, and deliverance?

But then again, who would have thought mentoring would be as hard as she was now finding it to be?

Outside the room where she had just been talking with Ruby, Rebecca paced and took deep breaths, trying to calm herself, but it was like swimming against the tide. The memories were crashing on her like tidal waves against which she felt powerless to do anything.

What could she do?

What should she do?

For seven years, she had prayed for one more chance to see her mother, yet since her return nearly two years ago, she had struggled and was still trying to find her way back home.

Sometimes it was because she was ashamed.

Other times it was because she was afraid — because, what would she say to this woman she had turned her back on, just because she told her the truth?

And then there are those other times when her struggle was with her own pride.

“Are you OK?”

Ruby’s voice startled Rebecca. She hadn’t even realized she had sunk to the ground.

Ruby looked alarmed.

When Rebecca stretched out a hand, Ruby rushed to her side and tried to help her up.

“I’m OK”, Rebecca said, “I’m fine. I’m… I….”

“Help”, Ruby screamed as Rebecca slid form her arms, “Somebody, help. Please!”

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