Reflections: Going around in circles

What do you do when you find you’ve been going around in circles?

Do you keep going, hoping you’d find your way somehow, or do you stop and wait for help to reach you?

We do not all purposely set out to get lost or stuck in some labyrinth and, sometimes, we do not realize the fact until we’re already lost and probably exhausted from continuing to try to find our way.

Is this you today?

What would you do?

Would you keep trying? Should you?

Or would stop and wait for help to reach you? Should you?

I’m not sure what to say to you as I do not know your experience.

Are there even right and wrong approaches to these things?

I can tell you this though—

You are seen.

You are known.

And help is closer to you than you you realize.

How do I know? Well, aren’t we all trying to find our way!

Consider this approach—

Stop a while and pray, and see what God does.

I can tell you right now that it won’t be a waste of time and you won’t be disappointed.

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