Reflections: Normal

What is the definition of normal?

Does our acceptance of realities, even those that forced their way into our space, justify the powers we bestow on these realities?

That is, do the outcomes always justify the means?

What is normal?

What is truth?

I might need to clarify, I do not believe there’s any such thing as”My truth”, “Your truth”, or “Their truth”. Truth is always true, no matter who is involved. Truth does not adapt to fit our situation.

So, what is normal?

And what is truth?

We settle into realities and accept them, clouding out other views and possibilities.

It seems to me that the longer we stay settled in, the harder it gets to even consider that there could be more, beyond what we’ve come to know.

Sometimes I think it’s complacency.

And it doesn’t even take too much for the clouds to shift and reveal the possibilities and the things that could be, beyond what we’ve come to know as normal.

Again, I ask, what is normal?

And what is truth?

What have you settled into?

And what are the variant possibilities?

See the cloud shifting now.

Tell me, what do you see?


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