Since we’re getting to be friends…

Normally, introductions are made not that long after you make each other ‘s acquaintance —

I’ve been told that’s how the friendship thing works, and I know it’s taken a bit longer…but humour me?

♣ I’m the first of five children. I was born a Preacher’s kid, and I’ve been in Church all my life.

♣ I lead worship at Church and teach children’s Sunday school.

♣ My mother taught me to make cakes, and we’ve made a business out of what was previously only a hobby.

♣ My natural initial reaction to adverse situations is to run away. I might come back later, but the first thing I usually do before thinking is run.

♣ Since we’re talking about natural… I wear my hair natural. And for a while after I began it seemed like I was swimming against the tide as nobody else seemed to agree with my decision. In their defense though, I wasn’t doing all that well with the hair then, but things are different now (I hope!)

♣ I’m Nigerian, and I’ve lived in Port Harcourt, where I’m from, my whole life (apart from the compulsory one year you have to serve the country after graduation from the university).

♣ I appreciate minimalist everything. One time, I cleared everything from our fridge in the name of cleaning it. I so appreciated the minimalist rendering (emptiness?) of the fridge that I would pass by several times a day just to open the fridge and look at it. My mother said “thanks”, and filled up her fridge back.

♣ I’ve finally been talked into writing a book by my family (And that’s putting it lightly. From where I stood, it looked a lot like blackmail!). And my sister, of all people, was leading the charge! You’d think she’d know better after going through the hassles of writing and publishing a book herself. But then again, she’s the kind of person that would pack a bag and not just leave the town she grew up in, but travel to other countries with different cultures. And blog about the experience too. 

♣ I manage The Message magazine, a Christian study magazine published by the women’s department of where I go to Church, as editor. Again, this same sister talked me into taking the responsibility. Did I mention I’m older than her?! But then I complained about the production that year, I’m not sure if she was just tired of hearing me complain. When she told me to take the responsibility, I reminded her I didn’t know the first thing about producing magazines. But somehow I could still complain about this same thing I knew nothing about? Humans of God’s earth! 

♣ I didn’t know about blogging before I started blogging… true story….

Join me at Kelly’s place where I continue this introduction with the Bloggers Voices Network — since we’re getting to be friends!

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40 thoughts on “Since we’re getting to be friends…”

  1. Boma, This is so great. Have you finished your book yet? We visited Nigeria on several occasions when we were missionaries in Ghana. Went to Jos and Miango for our vacations. Can’t wait to learn more about you.

    • No ma’am, I’m not finished yet. But by next year, God willing. I hope your visits to Nigeria went well! Thanks for visiting. Blessings to you.

  2. I enjoyed getting to read more about you at Kelly’s place, Boma!
    I have several friends at my church who are African American women and are wearing their hair natural now. It is so beautiful. I love natural hair worn as God created it to be in all its glory.

  3. Finally, an introduction! I was starting to think it was my breath. (I just had to.) ? Its good to get to k ow you better, Boma. Maybe next up will be a picture of the woman behind the blog?

    • Tiffiney! No!! About the picture… someday, one day… maybe! But there are pictures of me that go with this introduction at Kelly’s place. Thanks for visiting. Blessings to you.

  4. It is so good to learn more about you, Boma! I share your love of minimalism and had to laugh because I remember getting everything cleared out of my fridge and organizing it with color-coded containers. I was so proud of my work and kept returning to the fridge also to take it all in. Wishing you great success on your book writing:)

  5. Love all of these facts Boma. You know I’m documenting this natural hair process, and I am working on documenting my minimalist process. I was raised in a church that also had a Message magazine. So crazy how people who hardly know each other can share so much of the same story.

    • We’ve been told it’s a small world, Brittany. And there’s nothing new under the sun. It must be true! Thanks for visiting. Blessings to you.

  6. Hi there, I popped over from the Flourish Writers community on Facebook, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve only read one of your posts, thus far, but I’m sure I’ll be back for more. I started my blog back in 2009, but have fallen off in recent years. Your work reminds me of how much I loved blogging. And I really enjoyed reading and learning a bit about you. Many blessings to you on your writing journey.


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