So…it happened again

Well, almost….

I came here one day, recently, and my blog wasn’t here.

But as I was already feeling some kind of way from getting a book out into an entire world, my reaction to the missing blog was somewhat different from when a similar thing had happened earlier (and let me tell you, doing that book thing is no easy thing to accomplish… only by the grace of the Almighty God!)

This time, my database had disappeared (kind of… because it was still there at the backend, but somehow, it still wasn’t there. I know! I don’t even understand it).

I reached out to the hosting company. Usually, they’re very helpful, but they had mentioned earlier about going through a change in management, and rebranding (something like that). If this change was what affected the service this time, I cannot tell, but I really am hoping it’s not an indication of what to expect from now on.

Long story short, I found myself trying to resolve the issue by myself. And I couldn’t even feel bad for too long because I learned some new things.

Since the database was there at the backend, I registered a new one and transferred my content (as I wasn’t able to continue using the old one… mostly because the tech side of things is not exactly my forte. Although I would say I’ve learned more than I could ever have imagined, albeit, unwillingly).

So this has brought to mind again, the lesson about backing up your work, and also, saving your writing in places where you can still reach them incase technology decides to misbehave.

At some point, I just threw my hands up and let things be (figuratively speaking, of course). In reality, it was more like mostly watching movies and cooking videos on Facebook and Instagram, and telling everyone who wanted to know, that I was trying to recover (from what!?!) and regain strength.

Also, all that time spent watching those movies and cooking videos made me reconsider and question some things….


♣ Food art is beautiful, but please, don’t play with my food like that.

♣ I think I’d just stick to what my mother taught me about cooking. I’m open to improvements, but for the basics, I’d stick to what she told me.

♣ Own your kitchen. There’s not just one right way to get most things done. Be comfortable with being creative with what you have.

♣ Do the ordinary. But make it spectacular.

♣ There’s a whole wide world waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. Usually, it begins with doing the right thing where you are. You may never know the full impact of the actions you take in obedience to God.

♣ If we’d slow down and be attentive, we’d see the opportunities that come our way to be ministers of God in this world and affect people for Him in life changing ways.

♣ Everything can become a source of income. But when money is the driving force and motivation for what we do, our efforts are hinged on faulty foundations that cannot stand the test of time.

♣ Self doubt is a real thing. Be kind to people and offer encouragement when you can. Also, if you need but cannot find encouragement, remember that you can encourage yourself in the Lord your God.

I still want to keep watching those movies and cooking videos, but at some point, don’t we all just need to say “Enough!” and get back to work!?!


I’ve also learned that if there’s a purpose to be accomplished, the only way to get it done is to just do it and not get lost in making decisions, making plans, learning lessons, and wearing yourself out with information overload (which is also an actual thing!)

So…whatever your purpose is, I hope you find the encouragement to pursue and finally reach it!

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22 thoughts on “So…it happened again”

  1. I pray my purposes are God’s. I hope I am obedient to follow His plan for my life. I do indeed want purpose but as His child, not as me. Thanks for encouraging words.

  2. Its interesting how an event that felt so frustrating and caused you to stop and rest gave you such profound insights! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Even as a person with a degree in computer science, I have to keep learning that lesson to backup your work. Such a simple thing. Why is it so hard to learn. Anyway, thanks for the great list of insights!
    Your Grace & Truth neighbor

  4. I’m sorry for the frustration you’ve been through with your blog, Boma. Good job pushing through to get it all fixed, though … I think I would have needed someone else to help me if I had been in your shoes. I love cooking shows but I agree with you … some things are best done the way our moms taught us. 🙂

  5. Great advice! I hadn’t even thought that my blog may crash one day! How naive of me!

    You’re most welcome to join me in a cuppa at Tea With Jennifer, 😀
    Bless you,

  6. I love how God gets our attention and reminds us of what His purposes and intentions are for our lives. Sorry you had to go through that but glad it all worked out.🙂

  7. Oh my! I probably would have freaked out if the disappearing-blog thing happened. I’m glad you were able to get things back on track and learned new things in the process.

    I need to remember this: “If you need but cannot find encouragement, remember that you can encourage yourself in the Lord your God.” But I am grateful today for finding all kinds of encouragement out here in the blogging world!

  8. Technology will be the death of us all! Tango-ing with it makes me anxious. I’ve stuck with Blogger since 2008 for its simplicity … and keep my fingers crossed, hold my breath, and trust God with it all.

  9. Wow, that would have been disconcerting! I’m thankful to have two computer nerds in the family, because I don’t know much about the back side of technology. Glad you found a way to work around.

    I agree with so much of what you said in your list at the end. There’s a subtle change when someone switches from blogging or vlogging for fun to doing it for money. So often that just ruins so much. And, amen, we all need encouragement and need to shine for Him.

    • True, Barbara, the change is usually subtle. And yes, the experience was somewhat disconcerting! Thanks for visiting. Many blessings to you!