His yoke is still easy

It’s been said that the older we get, the more we realize that it’s not that complicated to do life successfully.

Every new year brings us closer to the realization that all the extra weights, schedules and burdens we lug around does not do us any favours or serve any real purpose. So when the preacher says “Let go, and let God”, he must know what he’s talking about!

Life may not be easy to understand or even navigate, but if we follow the plan already mapped out for us by the author of life, maybe our journey might not be as frustrating as it could get sometimes.

Think about the needless dramas, misunderstandings and unresolved problems that linger for ages….

His yoke is still easy and His burden is still light….

And if we’d be deliberate and intentional about keeping our peace, we would not lose it so easily.

As we stand on the threshold of this new year, I’m thinking on these things as I try to keep my peace —

♣ Behind us is the path we’ve already travelled. Ahead of us lies endless possibilities. Look behind, mostly to see how far God has brought you, not to count perceived losses. Let’s look ahead and run with the vision we’ve been graced with.

♣ Do your best not to make assumptions. Try to make certain, when you’re not sure. It’s true what we’ve been told, things are not always what they seem.

♣ There is power in the name of Jesus — power that’s present, willing and able to save. And this power is freely made available to all who would receive it.

♣ Spiritual warfare is real, and we must not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy. The following day after I shared my father’s salvation testimony, not only was he admitted in a hospital for the first time since I was born, he might have been in heaven now had it not been for God’s intervention. He had been leading a prayer meeting at church (and no, it wasn’t an attack that took the Lord by surprise, but that’s a story for another day!) We only called on Jesus.

♣ Our God is a prayer answering God.

♣ Our faith in God is all the compass we need to traverse the unfamiliar terrains He calls us to. His Word is all the light we need. And the just still lives by his faith!

♣ When we’re walking by faith, even when no one else understands, we must keep going. At the appointed time, the vision would speak for itself. It would not lie.

I may not know what your journey has been like so far, but in the end, there’s just one map that leads home; only God’s Word leads home.

In this new year, may we gain a deeper understanding and grace to rightly discern God’s Word; may we meditate on the Word night and day and have good success.

May it be a year of relentlessly pursuing what really counts and leaving behind needless dramas, misunderstandings and unresolved problems that linger for ages….

Many blessings on your new year, friends!

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28 thoughts on “His yoke is still easy”

  1. I take heart in the many nuggets you’ve encapsulated for us, Boma. And I have to wonder if it also serves to drive these truths deeper in your heart as well. That’s often what blogging does for me. 😉 Great post, my friend!

  2. Boma, this is the nugget that brings much wisdom >> “May it be a year of relentlessly pursuing what really counts and leaving behind needless dramas, misunderstandings and unresolved problems that linger for ages.” Amen!

  3. It is definitely one of my goals for this year to forget about all “the needless dramas, misunderstandings and unresolved problems that linger for ages….” God has great things planned for 2019 as long as we are willing to let go of the past and trust Him for the future.

  4. Yes! I love the use of the simple word “STILL”

    His yoke hasn’t changed. When we come to Him and take on His yoke it is still light. No matter what we face, no matter what else is going on. He never changes.

  5. So true Boma! I have read this verse twice now today. He needs us to hand Him the weight we carry around so that we can truly be who He needs us to be going forward.