The preacher is a person too

Sometimes it seems to me like this is a shocking discovery for more than a few, but it’s true:

The preacher is a person too.

Just like the rest of us–

And his wife….

And his children….

It’s not rocket science, or the study of some abstract notion.

Really, it’s easy to see – very clear – crystal, even!

So why is it that it’s more than a few who act like they’ve put the preacher on a pedestal.

And his wife.

And his children too.

They’re quick to judge, never empathetic (or even sympathetic), forgetting that the preacher, his wife and children are people subject to like passions, just like everyone else.

So this one time a preacher lost his temper, it was said that his display of that kind of emotion could cause God’s children to stumble and fall away from the faith. And how could he do that! He’s supposed to be a preacher!

Then there was that other time a preacher got sick, couldn’t pay his rent, and was eventually homeless. And still sick. “He’ll be fine”, everyone said, “He’s a preacher”. In the end, they made a point to give him a grand burial (he was after all a preacher), forgetting that the same resources might have been used to help him when he sick, homeless and out in the cold.

There was also the one who got in trouble at his job. He’d been falsely accused. His neighbor took his case to their sect, and they came to his help. They went the whole mile, with lawyers and everything. In the end, he turned his back on the fellowship he had known, and went with this new sect, even when they told him he wasn’t required (or even expected) to join them. The problem was, they didn’t believe in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God and the only way to God.

There was also the other preacher who was blamed for the behavior of his son. It didn’t help that this same son was always late to Church, and came only on Sundays. And his daughter never wore skirts that were long enough. And his wife couldn’t play the piano. How could he be a preacher if he couldn’t get his house in order!

The stories abound – as do the stories of how this lack of empathy have driven God’s beloved children to the very dark pit of despair, hopelessness and doubt.

Some have come to doubt the existence of God and question everything they’ve known to be true.

Let’s just stop a while, please!

Let’s just stop and remember that love is still the greatest of all – love for God and for our neighbours.

It’s true that preachers have been called to a higher standard (as have all who profess belief in Jesus Christ), but we must remember that the One who judges is the One who has called us to this way of life.

If we’re busy trying to be all He has called us to be, we wouldn’t have that much time to look and see what everyone else is doing wrong.

So carry your cross daily.

Extend grace.

And try to remember, in spite of what it might seem like sometimes –

The preacher is a person too.

Just like the rest of us–

And his wife….

And his children….

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12 thoughts on “The preacher is a person too”

  1. Amen! Although those who lead and teach are Biblically held to a higher standard, most of us hold them to an unattainable God standard. Like they can never have a bad day, never lose their temper, or fall like the rest of us. They become the one on the pedestal rather than the King.

  2. Sad, but too true! When we were at a church where a pastor fell, a friend of mine wisely said, “We fell, too, but we have all failed to pray as we should and be godly friends.” I hope many will read your wise words.

    • That is so true, Donna. Our pastors need our prayers more than we may ever know. Thanks for visiting. Blessings to you.

  3. Thank you! As a preacher’s wife … you’re right. The struggle is real and sometimes hard. But there are also many blessings too. I’ve tried over the years in ministry to keep my heart and mind focused on the blessings and all the people who have loved us, mentored us as we began, who have allowed us to love them, and who have showered us with living examples of God’s grace. There will always be some who make it hard but by God’s grace, we’ve found them to be the exception not the rule. With that being said, thank you for making people aware and helping them realize we are all in this ministry thing together. God bless you!

    • So true, Deb. We are all in this ministry thing together. Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed support and encouragement from God’s children in your ministry. Thanks for visiting. Blessings to you.

  4. So very true – we are pastors of a church and I am just so very glad our children were grown adults when we said yes to stepping into that role, because pastors are people too and so are our kids. We make mistakes, we aren’t perfect, but we do our best and have to rely on God for the rest. Thank you for writing this piece and sharing it #TuneInThursday Last week… I was shouting hearty Amens as I was reading! Blessings