This name is more

Jesus – what does this name mean to you?

To me, this name is more than just an exclamation. This name is more than just a word I say when I’m surprised, angry, or even happy.

It is the name of my Saviour (who saved me, and continues to save me).

When I call His name, I have His attention.

When I call this name, I have the attention of heaven.

I am not to take this name in vain.

I am not to undermine the potency of this name (I know! It’s not even possible; but there’s one too many, unfortunately, who have become immune to the goodness of this name, because of their unbelief- the result of their taking the name of Jesus in vain.)

There is power in the name of Jesus – mighty saving power.

If you would call on this name from your heart you would be saved – every single time.

So don’t just throw this name around, and say it like it’s just another name.

The name of Jesus is above every other name, and at the mention of His name, every knee would bow, and every tongue would confess that He is Lord.

God forbid that I would call this name, and not know the power in the name of Jesus.

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