To pray for rain or not?

She doesn’t dance in the rain;

But she likes the scent of rain—

That derilously delicious blend of wet grass, ground, and sky.

See the problem here?—

When she prays, how does she ask for that cocktail without the rain?

Also, it’s generally accepted counsel to dance in the rain.

But she sinks deeper into her place of refuge.

Sometimes she sulks and prays with anxious cautiousness “Rain, go away, and don’t come again another day”.

But then she remembers the scent after and adds, “OK, come again another day. But later”.

See her dilemma here?—

It’s like praying “Lord, let Your will be done”, but then you remember, and add, “but this is what I’d like, please… if it be Your will….”

You see,

Without the churning of milk, there would be no butter.

Olives need to be pressed to release the oil.

And that derilously delicious cocktail of wet grass, ground, and sky?—

Well, it comes after the rain.

What do you remember after you pray, “Lord, let Your will be done?”

What is your dilemma?

Whether you dance in the rain or not,

Whether you heed generally accepted counsel or not,

In the grand scheme of things;

When you’re really seeing from the perspective that encompasses eternity, only one purpose matters—

What has your Maker said, and what would your response be?
Make a choice today—

Eternity is waiting, along with the many lives that could be impacted for good if you make the right choice.

So make a choice today,

But choose wisely.

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