Tomorrow I’d Live

When does tomorrow finally come?
There’s more than a few who wait for that day –
Tomorrow I’d live.
I’d see the world;
Change it,
And make it better.


When does that day come? –
Because there’s more than a few who find out
On the day when it’s almost too late,
That they spent life, waiting for tomorrow.


We’ve been told that it’s the day that follows today –
Yesterday’s tomorrow.

So when does that day come?

There’s a better question, I’d like to suggest, that we should be asking:
How can I show my appreciation, and be responsible with the gift of today?
Today –
Yesterday’s tomorrow.

So what if I still plan to live tomorrow?!
To see the world;
Change it,
And make it better.

I’d live today –
Because I’m grateful for this gift I’ve been blessed with.

I’d live tomorrow, starting today.

I’d live today because I believe in God:
I Am –
Yesterday, today and forever;
And today is the day of salvation.

So when does tomorrow finally come?

Look again –
See and live!

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