Treat her with respect

She is still a creation of God –

Made in the image and likeness of Him;

And with a divine purpose to fulfill.

As much as you want to hate her;

As difficult as she makes it for you to obey the divine command to love –

You must remember that this one too is made by God.

So treat her with the respect and courtesy due her –

She might be broken, marred and marked by the imperfect world this place is;

But she still belongs to the Almighty and Sovereign God.

She might not act like she knows it (She really might not even know it);

But she is not her own –

And her Maker is watching.

And it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Because of Whose she is, I beseech thee this day –

Treat even this one with respect.

For who knows what she would become after the Potter is done with this piece of clay?

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2 thoughts on “Treat her with respect”

  1. This is beautiful. “But she still belongs to the Almighty and Sovereign God.”
    Amen! What a great reminder for broken relationships, no matter the type.