What to do? 

She dragged the poor child down the aisle, by the ear.

He must be used to this by now – we all are – sunday after sunday after sunday….

It was always the same. He most definitely must be used to this by now. It was hard to tell though, as his countenance was not that easy to decipher.

His sister hurried along, trying to keep up, and doing her best to be careful with the evidence. The way she held the thing, you’d think she’d give up an arm first before she’d let it go.

The video might even be that important – who knows – maybe something like a guaranty to get her through the week, when he starts being him. Or maybe even something to blackmail him with.

It’s true, everyone is terrified of him – even though he’s still only just a child – that’s how come he even began to help at the altar.

We’d feel sorry for him (actually we do. Really!), but we can’t send him back to children’s Church because then all the teachers and helpers would start calling in sick (well, almost all of them).

And we can’t blame them.

They tried everything:

They had him sit in a corner and memorise the books of the Bible, and the names of the twelve sons of Jacob, and the names of the twelve disciples, and the names of the Churches in revelations.

(All this, while they did normal children’s Church activities with the other children).

But we really cannot blame them. The words that came out of his mouth as questions (Every. Single. Time) are a terror to the ears of the ordinary sunday school teacher who didn’t go to seminary yet. And he’s still only just a child.

So they upgraded (ok, promoted!) him to main Church, and by a turn of events that’s totally beyond the comprehension of anyone who tries to understand this situation, he was chosen to serve at the altar.

All he had to do was help the preacher – and do whatever he was told to do.

Easy – except he kept falling asleep on his knees everytime (like, every sunday), and complaining that the prayers were too long.

And his sister wouldn’t stop recording the whole thing – he on his knees, head bobbing helplessly, and suddenly jerking awake (very likely from the terrifying stare of his mother – like, if looks could kill! Seriously!)

Pity this child, and pity his mother! – what would she ever do! – he falls asleep at the altar. Before God. During worship services. And then complains that the prayers are too long!

Try to understand this – his errors are of epic proportions!

And we would be praying for him.
He won’t be going back to children’s Church because – like you already know by now – they’re terrified of him there.

So we’d keep praying for a miracle.

We’d be praying that this one remains – because there’s one too many children who grow up, leave home, and leave the Church without looking back (It’s like they couldn’t even get out fast enough).

May this child not add to that number.

We’d keep praying – especially as he’s been heard to say on more occasions than can be good for anything, that he doesn’t like Church.

It gets scarier.

At other times – like on this particular day -he says he hates Church.

That is truly disturbing, and just makes you wonder sometimes if we could be doing some things differently – like tell him the stories in the Bible for instance, and help him discover the wonders of God and His love for him.

That could work – until he starts asking those seminary questions – and then what would the poor teacher do!

(I’m thinking they’d start calling in sick again!)

Poor child!

If only we’d just know what to do!

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  1. Hi April, I see you have such a heart for this little one. I pray the Lord answers your prayers and that you reach this little one with the love of Christ. I enjoyed being here at your blog. Stopping over from moments of hope link up. Blessings to you.