You cannot fail

We’ve been told that we might never see new cathedrals like the ones built by our fathers, because it’s no longer very easy to find those willing to pay the price, and be committed to a project they might not live long enough to see the end of.

Why even begin, if you won’t see the end of it?

Why should you invest your life in a cause you’d have to hand over to those coming behind you to complete? What if they fail?

Granted, there are no easy answers to these questions, and we all do have to find our own paths, carry our own cross daily, and follow the Master.

This I’d admit, is no small task in these present times and place.

We live in a time and place of instant-everything. If we can’t get it now, then it’s taking too long.

And our commitment? As long as we’re not stirring hornets nests and waking up sleeping dogs, and as long as it’s over before the day is over, we’re well and doing just fine!

Followers of Jesus, please remember!

Remember the One you follow, and the life you’ve been called to.

Remember the faith of our fathers and the examples they left us.

Our purpose is one that spans ages, and our timeframe is eternity.

On earth or else in heaven, the Church still marches on.

So get up and do your part, regardless of if you see the end result or not.
Live the life you’ve been called to – Light the world. Season the earth. Take up your cross daily, and follow the Master.

Rest assured, it would take a lifetime. The day would finally come when you would have done your part, and the ones coming behind would have to take over, but you would have done your part.

There’s still that question though:

What if they fail?

We have the assurance of Jesus:

The gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church.

So be encouraged again. Renew strength, and find Truth again. We cannot fail. We would not fail, and we are already victorious.

But how would we lay hold of this victory if we won’t even begin, and be committed to the life we’ve been called to?

This time and place is yours. Heaven is watching, and the great cloud of witnesses gone on before us.

You cannot fail.

Now what are you going to do?

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