Your best years are ahead of you

Moses was eighty years and Aaron was eighty three when they began their ministry. Caleb was eighty years when he fought for Hebron and claimed it.

Even Jesus Christ, God Himself,  was on earth for thirty years preparing for a ministry that spanned only three years.

The point? We’re like fine wine that gets better with age. The elderly ones amongst are a treasure chest holding years of experience. They’ve gained mastery of this thing called life in these spheres, and as long as they’re still here, they have a purpose to fulfill.

With God we don’t get old and feeble. We renew strength and work from the vantage point of the mastery we’ve gained from all those years making mistakes and learning from them.

Our best years are still ahead of us. Look forward to those days with reverent expectation.

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8 thoughts on “Your best years are ahead of you”

  1. This is great encouragement, especially when it feels like we want to “hurry up and do something.” It’s who we become in the waiting … and how our relationship with God deepens as we wait … Blessings to you!!

    • Blessings to you too, Dianne. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s truly important when we’re always in a hurry. Thanks for visiting.