Dear Vashti

Dear Vashti, Your story has been told countless times, always as an example of something. Some say you were a hero. Others say you were a villain. We’ve heard that you were an example of self-respect; that you were a woman confident enough to walk in her dignity, no matter the cost. Other people say … Read more Dear Vashti

No one heard?

She stands at a precipice, Looking into a vast, dark stretch of nothingness, Searching for something…. Anything…. A sign…. ***** Every step that brought her to this place blurred the myriad choices that fed her confusion and numbed her senses. Her scars grew thicker until they became a barrier to common sense. Now, only two … Read more No one heard?

To pray for rain or not?

She doesn’t dance in the rain; But she likes the scent of rain— That derilously delicious blend of wet grass, ground, and sky. See the problem here?— When she prays, how does she ask for that cocktail without the rain? Also, it’s generally accepted counsel to dance in the rain. But she sinks deeper into … Read more To pray for rain or not?