The danger in manifesting

We’ve been told that unless we’ve seen the real article, it might be hard to tell that what we have is fake. It’s true.

It is also true that one sure way of combating the proliferation of imitated products is to flood the market, or space, with the genuine article.

Until you’ve seen faith, you might confuse it with manifesting. But it is not.

When people manifest, what do they hope for? They expect the universe, or some kind of force to bring to reality things that they’ve imagined and act on as they have opportunity.

Biblical faith is placed in God alone. It is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith is knowing that God would do what He has said He would do.

It is not just imagining, acting, and hoping for something or someone to line your ducks in a row.

Without the word of God there is no faith.

And without faith it is impossible to please God.

God delights in showing Himself strong on the behalf of those who put their trust Him.

The question is, where, or on whom have you put your trust?

If it is not in God, you can be sure that the results you’re receiving are not from Him because He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.

It is true that God intervenes in the affairs of men, but only for those who invite Him.

Every good and perfect gift comes from God.

That is, if it is not from God, it is not good.

When you voice out your desires and call out for help, you will receive response. The response you receive though, is dependent on your approach.

Are you just sending out signals, hoping that something, or someone would respond? Or are you calling out to the one true God?

Consider your approach and the results you’ve received so far; are the results guarded by peace or fraught with sorrows?

When you send out signals carelessly and are willing to receive help regardless of the source, you open yourself up to forces that would gladly come, set up residence with you, and eventually, oversee the direction of the course of your life.

Without your permission though, they have no right to do so, but they would take your invitation as the permission they need.

Examine your life today. Has your course been redirected to strange places you do not recognize? Do you have no peace?

Perhaps, then, you might want to consider retracing your steps to the place where you received help from questionable sources?

Call out to the only source of true help today. Put Him to test and judge for yourself whether or not He can be trusted.

It is your life that is at stake so make a decision today.

Today is the day of salvation. Now is the accepted time.

Choose life and live.

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