Sincerely, Mother

Sincerely, Mother
Eight short stories to encourage and remind you that you’re not alone, mama.

I didn’t plan to write a book, I just found myself writing one — a collection of eight short stories, with motherhood as the central theme.

It started with this post that eventually became a six-part short story series. Long story short, sometimes I think I was blackmailed by my family into writing this book. At other times I think, O well…. Continue Reading....

All I’d wanted was just a quiet Sunday at church

All I’d wanted was just a quiet Sunday at church — to sing a hymn or two, say a prayer, and hear something from the sermon. Apparently, it was too much to ask for.

It began when the children decided they’d had enough of church, just mere minutes after we arrived. Continue Reading....

I did not try to burn down my house with my children in it

I did not try to burn down my house with my children in it.

Sometimes I forget it’s my story they’re trying to tell when I hear of the woman who planned to kill her children. I shudder to think that a mother would pour fuel on her children, light them up, and then watch them burn.

That woman is not me.

I am a mother trying to keep her children from their father, and also keep them alive long enough for me to be able to say “I did it”.


They say life is not a bed of roses. Sometimes I think it is a bed of thorns. For some of us, at least.

And the thorns flourished. Continue Reading....

When you do a social media post

When you do a social media post, you do not expect your boss to read it. But that’s what happened to me.

I wrote a post, my boss read it and fired me.

It was just a rant stemming from severe sleep deprivation and perplexity at how exhausted tiny humans can leave you.

I tried to explain. I didn’t really mean what I’d written about how hard it was to go back to work mere months after birthing a child. I might have also said I hated my job (I deleted the post while pleading for my job, so I can’t confirm this, but still…). Continue Reading....