Dear Adanna

Dear Adanna,

I do not write to you because I have the answers you seek. I only hope to point you in the way that has brought me to this path I travel now.

If you knew me, you’d know it’s like coming from night to day — from darkness to light.

Life is hard, Adanna (you should be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise). So , although I might not really appreciate the details or extent of your suffering so that I can say with honesty that I know what you’re going through, I know that, more often than not, everyone you meet is fighting some battle. And, depending on your peculiar circumstance or season, some battles are fiercer.

I suppose one of the benefits of experience — for the malleable person, I might add — is the impartation of vital skills necessary to face and be victorious in these battles.

Adanna, I have prayed to die, countless times.

I have scorned and derided these times I live in — for the longest time, I believed and avowed that I was born in the wrong age (this belief still sneaks up on me from time to time, and I have to push it down with the shield of faith).

Sometimes, I wonder what the purpose of life is, and especially, what the purpose of my life is.

Why were we created, and why do we even bother to live?

Hope, Adanna. The answer is hope and faith — this is why we continue to live.

I was in a dark place one time. I mean darkness you could almost touch, and nothingness that filled every space that defined my existence. It was like a black hole I couldn’t dig myself out of, no matter what I did, or how hard I tried.

Every new day presented two choices — I could keep digging, or sink into the dark bliss of oblivion (I already knew the pain that awaited me there because its fangs sunk deeper into my flesh every day, clawing its way to my heart).

Today I know that that dark place of oblivion is called hopelessness. I know this because I didn’t stop digging. I couldn’t, because I had faith.

Let me tell you how I came about this faith.

I heard the word of God. It’s the only way, Adanna. No matter what anybody else tells you (and in spite of who they are), you receive faith when you receive the word of God.

Faith would be a shield as you fight.

Faith would keep hope alive.

Faith would not let you surrender to those gnarling fangs.

Faith would give you the strength to keep digging.

If a man does not have faith, Adanna, how then does he live?

And if a man cannot hear the word of God, is he not doomed?

How do you live, Adanna? In your search for answers, what have you heard? What have you seen? What have you found?

Faith is closer to you that you realize.

You do not have to fight exposed and unprotected.

I have seen many people come out of this life victorious.

I have sat and listened to many who have won many battles. They tell me we cannot expect to go through life without facing these battles, but we can be assured of victory, even in the fiercest fights, if we’re on the winning side and fighting right.

I have fought some battles too, Adanna, and I can tell you that these people know what they’re talking about. For instance, there are only two sides you can align with in life and all its battles. The outcome of your life depends on what side you’re on.

Do you understand me?

You cannot win unless you’re on the winning side.

If you don’t believe me, just look around. Look at men, and then look at their end.

The servant is not greater than his master, Adanna. I really hope this makes sense.

Whatever your battles, Adanna, you can be victorious if you decide to be, and then act on that decision.

After all you’ve tried already, are you not tired?

Are you still not willing to try faith?

Would you not hear the word of God today?

It’s as simple as A, B, C.

Acknowledge your sins (I admit that I have gone my own way and have not lived in ways that honor You, Lord).

Believe in the Lord Jesus (I believe that Jesus came and died, and so paid for the consequence of my sin).

Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus (I receive His gift of salvation today, and surrender to His lordship for the rest of my life).

We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

If your depleted strength wouldn’t let you go that far, or do that much, just call on the name of Jesus. I mean, literally, from your heart, just say, “Jesus”, and see what He does for you. I can assure you now that He will not deny Himself.

Would you try this? Please, write me and tell me what He does (He does not stop exceeding our expectations, and I cannot wait to hear the marvelous thing He does for you).

Please, write me, and tell me!

Praying God’s best for you always,
Ton ami

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