Is the Church awake now?

These are strange times indeed.

Strange and trying times — who knows what we’d wake up to, tomorrow?

For some, the challenge is the uncertainty that pervades, and permeates almost all strata of society.

For some,  it’s fear.

Some just wonder….

And some have refused to give up hope.

I wonder though, what the place of the Church is, in all of this?

What should be our response?

Where is the power of our God we have always preached about?

What is God saying about these strange and trying times this world now grapples with?

We need to know, because so far, the ways and methods of the world has not helped very much.

When a world is broken and troubled by festering wounds, where is the hope for healing?

So many questions, but how can a blind world see the light that’s needed for its healing?

Only those who have found the light can show the way.

Only those who have been healed can say with certainty and conviction that healing is possible.

They might not want to hear our testimony….

They might not believe us….

But it is our duty to look inwards, mine the truth that’s planted within, and let our lights shine.

No matter how thick darkness is, even the littlest light is able to break through and make a difference.

If you have light, let your own light shine where you’re planted. It might not seem like it’s doing much, but it’s breaking through, somehow….

And many little lights shining, would eventually help this world see what their true need is.

Whether we do our part or not….

The glory of the LORD shall endure for ever: the LORD shall rejoice in His works (Psalm 104:31).

But, what would you rather be doing, if not standing in your place?

Is the Church awake yet?

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32 thoughts on “Is the Church awake now?”

  1. You have asked some very important questions that I’m sure are being asked all around the world. Is the church awake? I think that is something we all need to have on our prayer list! Thank you for making us pause to think about this!

  2. I think that this is a beautiful example about how we are all the Church (capital c). Now more than ever we need to be God’s hands and feet!

  3. Awesome reminder! I hope that our light will shine bright like it’s meant too and that we will spread the love of Christ around us. Is the Church awake? (Maybe/Maybe not) but we pray for a revival and divine restoration over the Church of God. Beautiful Post

  4. Yes ours is WIDE AWAKE lol. My pastor has been going live at 7:14 a.m. every morning since this pandemic started. We are praying 2 Chronicles 7:14. They have reopened our Church since about three weeks ago. How about your church? How’s it going for you all there? ❤

    • We’re praying, Donna, and doing what we can. More grace to your pastor and the church! Thanks for visiting. Many blessings to you!

  5. Since we are all a part of the church, it really is a message that comes back to us individually. What are we doing to be a light in our community?

  6. “If you have light, let your own light shine where you’re planted.” I love that. This is what God is calling the church to do, let our light shine for the others to see. With all that is going on in the world today, this is the perfect time to do just that

  7. Here you hit the nail on the head:” Only those who have been healed can say with certainty and conviction that healing is possible.” May we, as the Church, be agents of healing and hope in a dark and hurting world.

  8. Really liked this post! You really captured the essence that we truly need to work collectively as the Church during this time of isolation and be God’s hands and feet in loving each other! x

  9. Yes, we need to wake up as the Church. We need to love and serve. Our faith needs action. There are so many hurting souls that need to know about the Hope we have.

  10. Amen! I pray that Christians across our nation will turn to the Word of God, recognize the pain and oppression that is so deeply ingrained in our society, and let the truth of God lead us to righteousness, justice, and unity <3 That this would awaken a hunger and a need for the peace that only God can bring, the justice that God desires, and the unity He has commanded of His body, not with the absence of justice, but with it.


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