How far is too far?

Has there been a change in the way things are, or has the world always been as we know it now?

Some times I’m sure it has taken a turn for the worse. At other times I wonder if I’ve only just become aware of what has always been.

Still, it is quite a situation the world now finds itself.

Not really a conundrum or a labyrinth though– because the Answer is simple, and the Way is not too hard to find.

There really was a time when black was black, white was white, and all the colours just added to the beauty of this place.

Yes, boys were boys and girls were girls, and people didn’t change their minds about things like this just because!

The Church was truly salt of the earth and light of the world (or least she made an honest effort to be true to her purpose and calling).

And no, Christians weren’t defined by their sins – as there’s no such thing as a lying, thieving, or even a gay Christian. There were only sinners saved by grace.

Yes, we’re not all the same, but in the end, we’re not that different either.

All the shades and colours we come in despite, when it comes down to it really, we’re all people.

And yes, all the shades and colours truly add to the beauty of this place (at least it’s supposed to).

So do you see the beauty? – Really!

For me, I see it on some days – maybe. But those days are far apart and don’t come very often.

Fancy then what the situation would be in like fifty years, if Jesus tarries.

I believe that things are not the way they need to be. We need an answer and a way out of this present situation – an answer and a way that can only be found in the Church.

Pity the world then, if the Church would rather play Church Instead of living true to her purpose and calling – because if the light in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

How much farther must we go before we acknowledge the truth we already know?

If those who know truth refuse to stand with it when called upon, how can we be surprised when we find truth fallen in the street?

How much must we tolerate before we’ve had enough?

How far must the world go in the wrong direction before we show them their error?

They might not hear

They might scorn the message like they’ve done for generations.

Still, no one lights a candle and hides it under a bushel; light, no matter how small is always able to overcome darkness.

All that is required of us as people who have been touched by the Truth is faithfulness and proper stewardship of the gift we have been entrusted with.

God forbid then that the Truth would be without a witness in this place when I’m still here – especially as there’s that day of reckoning that’s surely coming.

Pity those who would be on the other side of the Truth when that day finally comes

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4 thoughts on “How far is too far?”

  1. Hello Boma, I think you are right that the world can seem a very dismal place. That said, I think if we are to see, hear, experience the beauty God has created for us, we must seek it. Even in the greatest trials and tragedies, like the Las Vegas shooting and recent hurricanes, there are heroes that emerge. Serving in an urban area for over a decade, it’s easy for me to become discouraged. Then I look at colleagues who daily choose to give the very best they can to the children who need it the most, with little or no appreciation. I see the faces and hear the voices of children that have been a reason, though slim, to hope. That to me is the missing component in our sad, sad world, Boma, hope.

    • That is so true Alice. Hope does make this whole thing doable, and helps us see beauty in places where it’s not that visible. Thanks for visiting.

  2. This is a thought-provoking post. Our world is such a complex place. We just need to keep our eyes on Him. So much easier said than done, but He gives endless grace.