That Christmas at aunt Elsie’s

Aunt Elsie was that kind of aunt—she hated everything and life itself was a joke that wasn’t even funny.

Still, everybody liked her.

Maybe it was because she wasn’t one to beat about the bush when there was something to say.

Or maybe it was the way she genuinely cared for the well-being of family and friends—strangers even.

I looked up to her and wanted to be like her—well, apart from her grumpy side, that is—and the way she believed you couldn’t trust anyone because it’s life we’re doing, and you know how life is a joke that’s not even funny!

So that one year my parents decided to send me to aunt Elsie’s for Christmas, I knew Christmas was ruined!

I’ve seen her at other Christmases! I must have been very bad this year or Santa would not have instructed my parents to punish me so!

I know I’m not perfect, but I’m only human, and when you think of it really, nobody’s perfect—so why punish me this severely! A coal in my stocking would have been easier to deal with (I hope Santa notes this for future reference!)

My parents said it was because aunt Elsie wasn’t feeling very well, and would otherwise be alone for Christmas. “And you know how she really likes you”, my mom added (I don’t even know what that means, thanks ma’am!)

Well that’s how come I found myself alone on Christmas morning with a sick aunt with grumpiness to a degree of hyperactive (I’m talking grumpy on steroids!)

To think that my parents shipped me off to this fate! I felt like Cinderella, and the more I thought of it, the more my aunt looked like my wicked step mom!

No matter how you look at this, this is not OK! I was only twelve, and Christmas is important to me!

It was useless to try and figure out a way to escape—because as you might have guessed, I’m not  that adventurous (Yes, I meant that sacarstically! I’ve been around my aunt that long!)

But then she goes and springs a surprise on me!

No, she didn’t transform into my sweet old grandma. She was still sick and grumpy, but she mentioned how I had a way with kids, and that the neighbors had been having a hard time, and if I wanted, I could plan a Christmas party and invite them over, especially the kids.

Was she serious!?! If I wanted!?!

She even had ideas we could work with!

I wish I could let you see how it started to feel like Christmas again for me—after all hope was gone, I might add.

This must be what it felt like that first Christmas, after God sprung a surprise on Mary and Joseph.

When they didn’t expect it, God came into their world and changed their lives and story forever.

Just like it happened with me, my aunt and our neighbors.

It might not have been the best Christmas party—in my defense, I didn’t have that much time planning it—but it affected us in ways we didn’t see coming.

My aunt was starting to feel better. I even saw her laugh, and the grumpiness was brought down some notches. She gained new friends, and the kids said it was the best Christmas ever.

For me, I think I found a new meaning for Christmas—it is a season of surprises and nothing is impossible, especially in this season.


Who would have thought that my perception of aunt Elsie would change, and I’d see clearly what my mom meant, when she said my aunt really likes me!

I hope you have a blessed Christmas, this Christmas, and partake in the surprises and possibilities of the season!

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  1. Boma, how I love this! And yes, I’ve been imagining how surprised Mary and Joseph must have been! And how that first Christmas changed their lives – and ours! Merry Christmas to you, sweet friend!