When you need a miracle

(Based on true events)


For thirty eight years he lived with this burden ―

Thirty eight years is a long time, and God knew;

God knows.

This man needed a miracle.

He knew what a miracle was;

He knew it was possible to receive one because after thirty eight years, he had seen that many people receive miracles ―

One day it would be his turn;

Hope kept him going, believing….

One day….



She laid in a pool of her own blood and sweat ―

She had chosen her body over her baby.

Something must be wrong because she had been bleeding for days.

But that was the least of her worries at this point.

The way they had explained it, she was supposed to be able to carry on with her life after the procedure, like she had not just killed a person… her own child ―

Nothing was said about the recurring dream she’d been having for days

It was vivid, almost real….

Maybe it was…?



So after thirty eight years, this Man walks up to him and asks if he wants to be healed ―

Although he still had hope, he could not deny his limitations.

The thing was, an angel stirred this pool once every year, and whoever got into it first was healed of whatever disease he had.

But after being sick this long, he had finally been abandoned by those who had brought him to the pool.

“Sir, I have no one to put me into the pool after the water is stirred”, he told the Man, “While I’m still coming, those with helpers get in first”.

Pity this man ―

Pity him for his plight, and pity him because after thirty eight years, he started to see his limitations more than the possibility of receiving the miracle he was hoping for.

But he was still at the pool….

He still had hope….



She’d been in a wide expanse of land that stretched out almost to eternity, like a wilderness.

The space was partitioned into portions that were… rooms, maybe?

There were babies in the partitioned spaces.

Well, that’s what they were, right…?

She wasn’t sure, because although they were crying like babies, some of them crawling even, none of them had complete bodies.

But they were babies, right…?

The dream was vivid, almost real, and she couldn’t get it out of her mind….



Sometimes, it’s not that we stopped believing ―

Thirty eight years is just a really long time to carry a burden… alone, sometimes.

But God knows.

He had hope that one day it would be his turn to receive the miracle he had been believing for, but when the day finally came, he didn’t realize it.

He did not recognize Jesus, the source of all miracles.

But God knew….

“Rise, take up your bed and walk”.

As soon as he heard those blessed words, he was immediately made whole.

After thirty eight years, he took up his bed and walked.

Because ―

When Jesus visits you, you have no need of anyone else’s help….



She wasn’t even praying for a miracle;

She just wanted to make sense of what she had seen….

Where was this place?

And those were babies, right?

Eventually, she found out….

They were indeed babies ―

But they were babies removed from their mothers’ wombs before their bodies were completely formed.

They couldn’t get into heaven yet in their present state, so they were in this place waiting for a miracle….

The day would come when God would give them complete bodies;

Then they would stand before Him as witnesses against their mothers.

But until that day comes, they would remain in this place, waiting for a miracle….



She was getting weaker, and could feel life leaving her ―

She wasn’t hoping for a miracle at this point;

She just wanted to make sense of what she had seen….

When her baby testifies against her, what would be her defense?

Her mind was too weak to contemplate her options….

The pool was increasing….




When they had explained it to her, they had said after the procedure she would be able to carry on with her life… like she had not just killed her child.



A cloth was over her.

She could feel hands cleaning her up.

She heard voices.

It sounded like they were praying….

And then, just like she had felt life leaving her, she felt it coming back in.

She regained her strength and was able to eat food prepared for her by her visitors ―

Visitors that had been instructed by God to visit a woman laying in a pool that was formed as life left her body….

And when she wasn’t even praying for a miracle….



God knows ―

When you need a miracle,

He knows;

And He would visit you.

When that day comes, what would you do?

When that day comes, would you realize it?―

Today is the day of salvation;

And when you hear His voice, do not harden your heart.

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30 thoughts on “When you need a miracle”

  1. Boma, what a powerful testament to God’s mercy and strength! Miracles do happen. “And when you hear His voice, do not harden your heart.” – Beautiful!

  2. 38 years is a long time to wait for anything. We are so impatient! In this day of fast food, drive-thru, to-do lists, errand-running, grocery-delivery, AMAZON-ordering society it’s so easy to be impatient. I find myself giving up on prayers that aren’t answered within a week. I think the most powerful statement here is BUT GOD KNEW! Thank you, for this beautiful reminder. But God knew. Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

  3. This is a very powerful read. That is one of my favorite Bible stories of all time. I love that Jesus gave him an answer but not in the way he expected.

  4. April, this is very moving and riveting at the same time. This is powerful,

    God knows ―

    When you need a miracle,

    He knows;

    And He would visit you.

    Yes, I believe in miracles and in God’s ability to accomplish them…to give us salvation.

  5. “She wasn’t hoping for a miracle at this point;

    She just wanted to make sense of what she had seen….”

    How often do I do this? I give up on hope and try to understand, rationalize, make life fit in the boxes I build. But God is the God of hope — always.

  6. I love how you interwove the story about the woman who had an abortion and the man who needed healing. God IS a God of miracles! He can redeem anyone…and in that there is HOPE!

  7. Ok, reading this gave me goosebumps. You have such a wonderful way of writing!

    I agree with Rebecca. I’m not usually looking for a miracle, but for understanding. How short-sighted I can be sometimes!

    When you need a miracle, pray for one. Leave it to God whether the miracle is understanding, healing, or something else entirely.

    • Thanks so much, Aryn. And yes, we should just leave it to God. He knows best, what we need. Blessings to you!

  8. Beautifully and creatively written. Thank you for sharing with Grace & Truth. Yes, our Jesus knows when to do a miracle. Blessings, Maree

  9. He does work miracles, and there is forgiveness for abortion. There is no need to be tormented when there is His grace and peace.