Why we must count the cost and carry our cross

Life does not always happen the way we’ve planned it. (Does it ever?!) It is indeed, as we’ve been told, what happens after we’ve made our plans.

But we do want to make the most of life.

And we do try to find our way.

And it’s more than a few who fall short and never find their way.

So how can we live, with this falling short and endless trying?

And no, it is not ok to no longer want to make the most of life, and to try to find your way.

It’s true, what we’ve been told:

Do not ever give up.

It’s life – your own life you’re fighting for, and to give up is to spite the Giver of the gift (and the gift) you’ve been blessed with.

Do not ever give up.

Rest assured, you are accountable for this gift, and the day would finally come when you would tell what you did with it – all the challenges and difficulties, despite!

So count the cost, and carry your cross.

And do not ever give up.

It is possible to make the most of life, and to find your way.

It is possible to find the Way – and this is the essence of life:

To find the Way, and to walk in this path of Truth.

Would life eventually happen like you’ve planned it? Hardly.

Would you be ok anyway? Possibly.

But we know, as sure as Truth is, that those who count the cost and carry their cross, and who never ever give up would be ok – regardless of how life eventually happens.

The history books bear witness to this testimony.

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