Why your needy dependence on the preacher is not ok

Just humour me.

I may be wrong, but help me see.

You call, text, send emails, and try to get in touch with the preacher for EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM you encounter (both real and imagined).

You embellish the tales you tell, and give the help-me-NOW-or-I-die speech.

The ONLY reason you attend Church is to see the preacher after Church, and tell more tales.

As long as you’re getting what you want (or what you think you need) AS SOON AS YOU WANT (OR THINK YOU NEED) it, all is well; the roses couldn’t be redder, and the skies bluer.

And the world is such a happy place.

Is it, really?

What you don’t consider (and have refused to remember) is that there’s a family that needs their father.

One time you called when they were praying together as a family.

Then there was the other time you texted when the preacher was explaining about life to his son.

And then there was that other time when you emailed about your dying mother (even though word had it that you hadn’t talked to her in ages, and she’d never been better in health and living!)

Did you know the preacher was at breakfast with his family when he received that malicious email?

Why would you even wish that on your own mother?!

Is it just me, or is this really ok?

What are your motives?

Why do you do these things?

Yes, he does have a duty to watch over you like a shepherd would watch the flock of sheep in his care.

THE FLOCK OF SHEEP IN HIS CARE – this I believe, is the main point of consideration.

You are not the only sheep in the flock (how would that be even possible?!)

And it is the Lord who truly is our Shepherd.

So why do you do the things you do – except you’re a wolf!

I may be wrong, but help me see how it’s ok to depend on man rather than God (even though said man is a preacher!)

The preacher is just as human as you are.

And we are all accountable to God.

Do you remember this, or is it really ok to trust in man rather than God?

This needy dependence on the preacher, how is it ok?

Humour me?!

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2 thoughts on “Why your needy dependence on the preacher is not ok”

  1. I’m certain I just related with that perfectly well! 🙂
    I also do not agree with the dependence of man; when Jesus died, He tore open the veil, so now we can all go to Him. Some people just don’t know they’ll stand alone before God, and not with the Preacher!