Break your silence

Sometimes, things happen (that shouldn’t) because of our silence.

We see things that shouldn’t be, but we keep quiet and just go on with life, trying to get by.

If you see it, then the burden is for you.

God would bless us with all we need.

Our purpose is not to pursue these needs, but to live our lives the way that acknowledges the giver of this gift that we have received.

To acknowledge God is to honour Him; to follow hard after His set pattern for life and living.

It is not OK that people go hungry. There are too many people mocked by dreams they cannot reach because no one would lend a hand. People search for God, and are made merchandise of. There are those who have lost faith in hope.

If you have been watered, you have a duty to water others; blessed to be a blessing.

Break your silence – with words and deeds.

Do not consent to perversion by your silence.

It might not seem like there’s much you could do, but God hears prayers – and that would be a good place to start.

Break your silence, and honour God in what you say and do.

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