Run with it

If you see it, the vision if for you, then.

So run with it.

There’s more than a few who go through life – and without purpose.
Too many reach the end of the road, and still don’t have a clue that it was one that was supposed to have been traversed with purpose.

What is a wasted life?

And how sorry is that state? – to be blissfully unaware of the value of a very precious treasure in your estate.

That bliss does not take away from the value of the treasure; it is, in truth, the definition of a wasted life.

Every life these spheres have known carry a purpose, and what depth, fullness and meaning we achieve is dependent on how much of that purpose we reach.

So what do you see?

And what would you do with the vision you’ve gained?

There are lives that eagerly await your manifestation – and you cannot fail.

There’s help, plenty.

And provision for the vision.

All that is required of you is faithfulness.

Stay faithful to your purpose, and you would know the value of the treasure in your estate.

Needless to say, the road would be rough, and the night would be long.

But joy would surely come – and morning with it.

So what have you seen?

Don’t be in the number of those who reach the end of the road and still don’t have a clue.

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